Centrifugal Compressor

Product Parameters: ( Horizontal Split casing)

Inlet volume flow:2000m3/h- 650000 m3/h 
Operating REV: n=2800—18000r/min 
Outlet pressure is less than 40ata

Product Parameters: (Vertical split casing )

Inlet volume flow: 2000m3/h- 350000 m3/h 
Operating REV: n=2800—18000r/min
Outlet pressure can reach 500 ata

Axial Compressor

Axial compressor for large flow, low to medium pressure application.

Product range:

Flow : 24,000 m3/hr ~ 900,000 m3/hr .

Compress ratio for single casing : less than 10.

Reciprocating Compresor

For high pressure, low flow application.
Working Medium: H2, O2, N2, CO2, natural gas, gas, water gas, acetylene, chloroethylene, etc. 
Driving Mode: motor, steam turbine 
Piston Force: 16kN—1500kN
Shaft Power: 15 kw—10000k
The core product includes large hydrogen compressor and nitrogen & hydrogen compressor, models 2D40, 2D50, 2D80, 4M40, 4M50, 4M80, 6M32, 6M40 and 6M50 are available.

Integrated Geared Compressor

The SVK series compressor comprises a serial of models such as small model like SVK4, SVK6 SVK8 for plant air application to big model like SVK224, SVK335, SVK450 for process air compressor for large air separation unit,  PTA plant etc., covering a flow range of 3000-490,000 m3/h, and the maximum operating pressure reaching 7Mpa; its applied medium mainly includes the non-corrosive and nontoxic gases such as air, nitrogen, etc.

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